AJAX Full Service Commercial Ice Machine Leasing Program


Why should you lease ice making equipment? It’s cheaper to just buy it, right?

It depends how you define the costs you associate with your business. Have a sec?  Restaurateurs and bar owners, please consider the following scenario… Skip the following paragraph and scroll down if you just want the straight facts!

How much does it cost you when you have no ice in the bin and you have to send your wait staff to go borrow ice or worse, buy ice from the corner market? Now, how much does it cost your business when you have to go buy the ice? Now, you are not present at your business doing what you do best or you’re shorthanded. The consequence can be angry customers storming out the front door because they were not served fast enough. Or no ice in that specialty drink, or the display cases items are not cold enough or the salad bar is too warm or?? You know the scenario. Not only today, but maybe over multiple days? Sure it’s under warranty, but warranty service does NOT cover maintenance issues (at least 75% of ice machine related service calls are related to maintenance) nor does it cover nights and weekends. When does the ice machine fail? Friday at 4 pm! Just in time for the weekend rush! Now the repairman shows up at the OVERTIME RATE and he needs to order a very expensive part that is special order and will take a few days to get. Waiting for the part, you are now buying more ice and then when the part is finally installed you have a nice big service invoice to pay. So how much does owning an ice machine really cost you?

modular ice cube machine

Ajax gold full service lease program - for qualified customers in Santa Barbara and Ventura

New Ice Making Equipment from 100 to 2000 pounds per day!

  • Low Start Up Cost and Low Monthly Payments
  • Brand New Equipment for as low as a Few
    Dollars per Day
  • Full Service Maintenance and Cleaning
    every Quarter
  • Repair Service On Call 7 Days Per Week
    to Prevent Downtime
  • No Costly Repair Bills
  • Make The Health Department Happy
  • Ajax Gold Full Service Lease Program
    can Be a Tax Write Off
  • Never Have to Worry About Your Ice Maker
    so You Can Focus on Running Your Business


Ajax Refrigeration has been leasing a wide range of cold-side commercial restaurant equipment for over three decades now.
There are many lease options to choose from but they all have one thing in common:
you’ll receive great service from the AJAX staff.

  • Repair Service on call seven days per week to prevent downtime
  • No costly repair bills
  • Make the health Department happy!
  • AJAX Gold Full Service Lease Program may be a tax advantage, talk to your CPA
  • You will never have to worry about your ice maker so you can focus on running your business

Let AJAX do it for you.

When you sign up for AJAX’s GOLD Full Service Lease Program, your commercial refrigeration and/or ice machine solution is a phone call away every day of the year, including nights and weekends! You don’t just get a machine; you get Full Service, guaranteed! Our sales staff will work with you to build a custom lease plan and EVERYTHING is included for one easy, affordable monthly payment.
Trust the Penguin and Go for Gold!
Contact the AJAX office via phone or email to get started today!
How it works…

  • After your initial contact, you’ll speak and/or meet directly with a member of our sales team.
  • The salesperson will help you determine your needs and what machine will be the best fit for your application.
  • Your proposal will be created and your salesperson will go over it with you
  • Paperwork will be completed and signed
  • Your equipment will be ordered and installed
  • Your ice machine and refrigeration headaches are over because AJAX/SBR will now take care of everything for you!!

Products For Lease

AJAX Refrigeration Offers A Full Range of Ice Machines to Suit All Types of Ice Making Needs.
AJAX is an authorized dealer for most commercial ice machine brands.  Ajax offers a full range of ice machines of all sizes, from small and compact self-contained under counter ice machines, to large modular ice makers with deeper storage bins, to specialized hotel style and ice-water dispensers. All are designed for simple operation and maintenance.  Think of our ice machines as your silent partner, working every day to provide high volumes of crystal-clear ice for a few dollars per day. Here are a few options to consider for your lease:
The first questions to ask when leasing an Ice Machine is, ‘How much ice am I going to need on a daily basis, what type of ice do I need and what type of machine do I need?'  The next phase relates to your site.  Do you have the following available with a few feet of where the unit will be installed?

  • A clean water source
  • Dedicated power (electrical circuit with proper voltage and amperage for unit only)
  • A floor drain or equivalent
  • Good ventilation and access around the unit


self contained cuber ice machine for small spaces

 Self-Contained Cubers and flakers for Small Spaces

These under counter ice makers are ideal for small-space applications such as bars, coffee shops and wait stations. Small self-contained cubers feature a unique gourmet-style cube, while the larger cubers are available in half- or full-cube configurations.  Flaked-ice is also available in this format!  These units are all self-contained and produce up to 300 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period.

Stackable Modular Cubers For Larger Production and Storage

Stackable Modular Cubers For Larger Production and Storage

Modular cubed and flaked ice machines possess the highest reliability coupled with carefree operation and maintenance. The cubers produce pure, crystal-clear cube ice for the most demanding food service and hospitality needs, and are available in either half- or full-cube configurations.  Flaked and nugget ice is also a great modular ice machine choice!  These units come in a range of sizes; from a slim profile 22” size, a standard 30” design, with ice machine capacity ranging from 320 pounds to up to 2000 pounds of ice production in a 24 hour period. Ice storage bins also come in 22” or 30” standard sizes to match to the size of the machine or larger storage bins can be added for extra storage capacity. Units are available as self-contained air cooled, remote-style or water cooled. Remember that larger units require 220 volt power!

Hotel Style Ice Machine Dispensers

Hotel Style Ice Machine Dispensers

These reliable, practical hotel ice machines are designed for carefree operation even in rugged, high-usage environments. Hotel ice dispensers have fingerprint-proof dispensing areas and oversized sinks to accommodate almost any size ice bucket. In addition, they dispense ¼ lb. of cube ice per second, allow access for easy cleaning and provide maximum ice storage in a minimum amount of space. These units are available in a slim profile 22” model or a wider 30” model for more storage space. Ice machine sizes run from 300 pounds to 900 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period. These unit are self contained.  Also, remember to ask about counter-top and/or freestanding ice-water dispensers too!!

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