Ice Machine

Under-Counter or Modular Ice Machine?

Modular or Under-Counter The question of whether to choose an under-counter style ice machine or a modular ice machine comes up quite often.  Usually, this comes up for smaller operators that either don’t have a lot of room for the equipment or the usage volume is not that high. Under-Counter Ice Machine. Notice the louvered…

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Buy or Lease a Commercial Fridge? That is the question!

Should I buy or lease my ice machine?? This is a question that we go over with clients on a regular basis, especially when it comes to ice machines.  Ajax offers Full Service Leasing on commercial ice machines and select styles of  commercial coolers and freezers.  We decided to do some research and share the…

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Commercial Ice Machine Installation Requirements

You’ve determined you need a commercial ice machine for your business.  Great.  Now what? There are a lot of choices that need to be made now, like the type of ice machine and the type of ice.  Check out earlier AJAX ICE blogs for some quick tips on helping you decide!! How about where your…

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What type of ice machine do I need?

Commercial Ice Machine types

Ice Machine Type In the last blog we covered the different ice types that you have to choose from out there in the commercial ice machine world. Now, we’re going to focus on the different commercial ice machine types that are available. We’re going to keep it simple and break this down into three categories and…

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A Tale of Two Ice Machines

Does AJAX Refrigeration recommend preventive maintenance? Answer: A HUGE “Yes!” How about, does AJAX Refrigeration suggest using a water filter for your ice machine? Answer: Another big “Yes!” Why preventive maintenance and the use of a water filter? How about a little story for a change of pace and fun? The Tale of Two Ice…

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