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Ice Cube Types: Cubed, Flaked or Nuggets?

Commercial Ice Cube Types, what to choose??

Ice type is one of the top three decisions one must make when deciding upon a commercial ice machine.  The four main categories that we like to divide the types into are cube, flake, nugget and gourmet.





Cube Ice

Cubed ice is the most common type of ice and what we see most often out there.  Cubes are great for mixed drinks, carbonated beverages, ice dispensing and banquet services. The small cube size works great to displace liquid inside the cup where the larger size cubes are ideal for water pitchers, ice chests and any application where time and high melt factors are present.




Cubed ice is great for sodas and some cocktails. This is the traditional type of ice that is the most common.


AJAX Refrigeration leasing clients have a wide range of choices when it comes to commercial cube ice machines.  Modular, under-counter, dispenser, self-contained, remote systems??  Let AJAX Refrigeration help you choose the best solution for your application!






Nugget and flaked ice is the right choice for seafood. Check out this shrimp cocktail; the nuggets look so nice in there and they fit to the form of the product and contour of the glass beautifully!

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is soft, cylindrical and slow-melting:  it is ideal for carbonated beverages, food displays, ice dispensing and therapeutic applications in the healthcare market. Each individual piece remains free-flowing at all times while helping drinks cool rapidly and maintain their flavor. It is also ideal for blending applications and is a favorite due to its soft, chew-able characteristics.

AJAX Refrigeration leases and sells Nugget Ice Machines!  If you already own one get on AJAX Refrigeration’s Preventive Maintenance Program to keep your investment purring like a kitten.  If the unit fails our factory trained and authorized service technicians can get your machine back up-and-running quickly.




Flake Ice

This ice looks a lot like snow, has fast cooling power and has very low production costs. Flaked ice works great in blended cocktails and salad bars to produce, seafood and meat displays. Flake ice is the top choice for therapeutic use in healthcare facilities.  Many of AJAX Refrigeration’s clients are physical therapists and athletic departments.  They love the way the ice form fits around their patients and athletes treatment areas:  have you ever tried to wrap a bag of cubed ice around an elbow or a knee?  Didn’t work very well did it.  This is where flaked ice is best.  Contact AJAX now and get the flaked ice machine solution you know you need!

Here are some nice shots of flaked ice!!  See how it form fits so nicely around the product!!







Gourmet Ice

Found in smaller personal units in homes, boats, tree houses too!  Gourmet ice cubes are ideal for bar use, waitress stations, office suites and break rooms. Their size and longevity make them the perfect choice for re-icing glasses while their non-stick quality and slow-melting design make scooping easier than ever.  The machines that produce gourmet cubes are the under-counter style that are “front breathing;” meaning they can be placed in tight areas in between drawer systems and other equipment.




AJAX leases, sells, maintains and services your commercial ice equipment:  We do them ALL (well, most)!

Well, there you have it.  The four ice types that cover most of the needs of the commercial ice world.  Of course, there are many other forms and types of ice!!  However, AJAX believes that most applications in the commercial ice world will find it’s match within these four types.  Contact AJAX today to help you determine what type of ice is best for you!!  Ajax is your source for commercial ice machines!  We invite you to check out our  “full service” leasing, equipment purchasing, repair service and preventive maintenance options today!!

Cubes, Nuggets and flakes, OH MY!

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