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New Ice fun: These Cubes go to “11”

Hip IceWhat is all the hype about commercial ice these days? Or didn’t you notice?

Didn’t the commercial ice machine manufacturers nail this down years ago? Good quality ice that drops into a nice stainless steel storage bin to keep all things, whatever they may be, nice and cool.

AJAX/Santa Barbara Refrigeration and AJAX/Ventura Refrigeration have been right in the thick of it and we have been seeing a lot of changes these days. The bar scene and in particular, the specialty cocktail scene has landed and it demands more! The cool is cooler and the drinks are “handcrafted.”

Top Quality commercial ice

Really really great quality commercial ice cubes, nuggets and flakes are a must in a cocktail. I get it to a certain extent. My generation was happy with a G&T or even scotch on the rocks with the good ‘ol ice from the standard ice from the well. We didn’t even think about the ice as long as it was clean and of course, kept the drink cold. It would take some pretty bad ice for us to notice it and the standard ice equipment did just fine. Nice cocktails, done deal.

AJAX/Santa Barbara and AJAX/Ventura sell and lease specialty ice machines

Now the Old Fashioned is the new fashion and it requires top quality perfection. A big clear ice cube, or sphere, or hand carved chunk is a nice touch in a respectable cocktail.
None of that cloudy, small sized cube stuff! Actually, to be fair most ice from commercial ice machines these days is really great quality and comes at an acceptable price point. Water quality is a key factor. Check out AJAX/Santa Barbara Refrigeration and AJAX/Ventura for water filtration systems! They are a must to keep ice free of contaminants that will affect the taste and smell of the ice.
AJAX/Santa Barbara and AJAX/Ventura sell and lease specialty ice machines as well! The large cubed machines are gaining so much popularity that now there are offerings by the big guns. Flaked ice, nugget ice and other chewable styles of ice are available and are great options.

Wait a minute! Isn’t this commercial ice quality perfection just a fad?

Won’t this go away soon and the next generation will show up with a new subset of demands? Just like PBR in a can (I mean, what is that all about?) the next set of youngsters with all that disposable income might just take their drinks neat!
We can only wait and see.  As of today, there is a huge market segment of demanding consumers willing to shell out their money (or their parents?) on high end drinks. I will freely admit that I don’t terribly mind the hipsters “upping the bar” as we all benefit from higher quality products. Why taint a top dollar Scotch, Whiskey, or any other high end beverage with poor quality ice?

Commercial Ice machines in Santa Barbara and Ventura

Restaurant and bar owners and operators are willing to invest in high end equipment and even ice services (a whole other story) to meet the new demand. If you fall into that category please give us a call! AJAX/Santa Barbara and AJAX/Ventura’s sales and leasing department will find a solution that meets your needs! There is so much information out there these days when it comes to cocktail ice that you could spend days “geeking out” on the subject. If you don’t have days and want to get some answers give AJAX a call.  AJAX’s sales and leasing department will find the right solution for you.

Water quality is a key component to commercial ice equipment success.

Again, water quality is a huge piece of the puzzle. Whether it is water conditioning for the entire facility or individual cartridge style filtration for the ice machine only, AJAX/Santa Barbara and AJAX/Ventura have a great selection of products. All commercial ice machines should have, at the very least, a carbon filtration system that will virtually eliminate taste and smell issues (usually chlorine, but drought conditions bring other challenges) and do a good job on sediment and hardness.

So unless you want to carve your ice from large chunks of imported Alaskan ice AJAX SB and Ventura Refrigeration have a solution for your ice needs in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. This is not limited to the bar industry by a long shot.
Your coffee house, fresh seafood bar, physical therapy operation, elderly care facility, lunchroom etc. can benefit from AJAX’s services.

Let AJAX Refrigeration find a solution for you today.

Full Service Ice Machine Leasing, Sales and Installation

Preventive Maintenance Service for ice machines, refrigerators, freezers, hvac and most other facility requirements

AJAX Full Service ice machine leasing.  Here’s what you get…

  • The right equipment: a solution that will meet your needs
  • Full Support from a local business founded in 1949:  AJAX is not going anywhere!  We’ve got your back!
  • Free Installation
  • Quarterly Maintenance to keep the unit running as efficiently as possible
  • Repairs 7 days a week so you have ice in the bin
  • Full support from the AJAX penguin team!  Live office staff ready to answer your calls and take great care of you!

AJAX/Santa Barbara Refrigeration and AJAX/Ventura Refrigeration sell the commercial ice machines and commercial flaked ice machines and units to keep up with even the most demanding of bars! Check out our client list! Some of the top bars in Santa Barbara County and Ventura County have bought ice equipment or take advantage of the AJAX full service leasing program.

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