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AJAX Refrigeration Professional Services

Great Options for Commercial Ice Equipment

Value-driven Full Service Ice Machine Leasing and purchase options to meet your needs!

One word: CONVENIENCE. Not only are you getting outstanding, friendly service with a smile but as a local business our sales staff will visit YOUR BUSINESS location to confirm dimensions and all necessary details to ensure you get the right piece of equipment for your application. AJAX's full service approach to leasing and sales is happy to provide the following….



  • Receive, inspect and uncrate new equipment at AJAX facility
  •  Prepare for delivery
  • Delivery to your site, remove existing equipment if necessary and install your new equipment
  • Properly dispose of old equipment using an environmentally conscious protocol. We will recover refrigerant from sealed system for recycle or disposal program. Remove compressor and drain oil into Recycle oil waste container at our facility. Units will be brought to proper facility for final scrap and disassembly.
  • Locals buying incentive program available.  Some purchases may be eligible for the following.. weekend warranty service AND a first quarterly PM on the equipment as part of this “locals ONLY” service! No online sales outfit can come close to taking care of you! Ask for details…
  • Problems with the unit? This is where you’ll be thankful you purchased from us and not from that tempting internet price! You will be fully supported by AJAX! We are right down the street and available to serve you immediately and ensure the unit is back up-and-running quickly! Say goodbye to corporate 800 numbers and the run around! Once you spend your hard earned money with us YOU have our support!

Refrigeration & Ice Accessories

AJAX is your one stop for practically all your parts and supplies needs. Fast, Affordable and dependable! When a water filter needs replacing or when a door falls off the hinges or the health department requires you to replace door gaskets (seals), thermometers etc. we have YOU covered. We deal with the equipment manufacturers directly in most cases and we have an extensive data base of quality vendors that ensure fast delivery of the parts you need. And the finishing touch? We’ll install them for you if you prefer!


Commercial Ventilation Maintenance

Ajax PM plans help maintain commercial ventilation equipment. Does YOUR exhaust hood make excessive noise? Does your swamp cooler or make up air no longer supply that fresh blast of fresh air into the kitchen?  Your equipment may need maintenance OR maybe it’s more serious and needs a repair. AJAX will take care of YOUR service requirements!



Why should you invest in a maintenance service?

Some observations about Preventive Maintenance...

  • Maintaining equipment will lead to longer equipment lifespan
  • Energy costs will be reduced for equipment that is maintained
  • Equipment that is maintained will have fewer service repair calls
  • Units will run cooler and quieter if maintained
  • Lower cabinet temperatures means colder product inside

All the above equals peace of mind and saving money for the business owner.


  • It’s under warranty so it doesn’t need maintenance. Truth: All commercial equipment requires quarterly maintenance, at the very least. Just read your owner’s manual to confirm!
  • I just buy a five year compressor warranty so I don’t have to worry about costly repairs.Truth: Manufacturer’s warranties will be voided if improper voltage or dirty condensers cause compressor failure.  Multiple failures can occur before the compressor finally fails again.
  • I can do it myself.  Truth: Yes you can. Go DIY’ers!! All respect to you! Now we salute you but is the reality of the situation truly in line with this? Again, yes you can do it yourself, but do you on a quarterly basis? Even if you do, are you sure the interior and back area of the condenser are getting cleaned? Have you run ice machine cleaner through the water system every six months? Let our experts take care of your equipment so you can run your business! The expert eyes of our PM Team on the equipment will catch warning signs of costly failures before they occur.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


Types of Equipment Serviced

  • Refrigerators, Freezers both self-contained and remote
  • Ice Machines: cubers, flakers, cubelet, chiplet, pellet
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Walk-in Freezers
  • Reach-in Coolers and freezers
  • Under-counter refrigerators and freezers
  • Display units, including Deli units
  • Ice cream freezers: display and storage
  • Dipping Cabinets
  • Beer systems and glycol units
  • Back Bar units, top loads and front
  • Chillers
  • Dry Cleaning machines
  • Some ultra-low temperature applications
  • Cascade systems
  • Compressors: Semi-hermetic and hermetic
  • Expansion Valves (TXV and EXV)
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Dry Cleaning Machines

Refrigeration Hardware and Supplies, New & Used


Meet compliance needs to pass Health Department Regulations

  • Door Gaskets: All makes, models, and custom made too
  • Sweep gaskets
  • Door latches, strikes, handles, hardware
  • Door closers, hydraulic and others
  • Key Locks, hasps
  • Hinge Assemblies
  • Light fixtures, ballasts and bulbs
  • Strip Curtains, all sizes sold and installed
  • Economizer Curtains
  • Heaters, door, frame, threshold and other
  • Temperature devices, alarms
  • Thermometers
  • Glass doors, all accessories for swing & sliding
  • Electric and electronic controls
  • Thermisters, probes and control boards
  • Fan motors, blades, guards, grills
  • Shelving and clips
  • Casters, all sizes
  • Defrost Timers and Clock
  • Motors, belts and pulleys
  • Accumulators and Receiver tanks

Commercial Rooftop Ventilation Equipment


Ventilation Equipment Serviced

  • Rooftop package units
  • Split Systems
  • Heat Pumps                        
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Swamp Coolers
  • Make-up Air
  • Ventilation Units
  • Condensers and Evaporators


  1. Dave Spencer on November 18, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Do you work on R V refer units???

    • Chris Montigny on November 20, 2017 at 8:20 pm

      Hi Dave,
      We specialize in commercial and light industrial refrigeration equipment and ice machines. Although our service technicians have worked on RV’s in the past it is not our specialty therefore I would recommend a company that is. Thank you for the inquiry and let us know if we can help with other challenges or questions!
      Chris Montigny