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Ventura County’s AJAX location coming soon!


Hey Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Moorpark, Camarillo and beyond!

Your new AJAX Refrigeration location in Ventura County will be opening soon!  Smack in the middle of Ventura County!

Location Address:  1547 Los Angeles Ave. Suite #101, 93004

So what does this mean to you?
Well, if you have ice needs for your business in Ventura County it could mean a great deal!

AJAX’s local Showroom in Ventura County will help get your ice needs met quickly and personally! AJAX’s friendly, knowledgeable service staff is here to find the right solution for you! Deciding on new ice equipment can and should be a positive, easy and fun experience!

You can’t get this on the internet! (but you now can in Ventura County!)

Hands on experience: See the equipment first hand before you make your decision. The benefits here are substantial. Sometimes the pictures that we see in catalogs or online just don’t provide the TRUE picture of the actual equipment you need. AJAX staff will provide you with a guided tour and show you the ins and outs of the different style ice machines available.

Our sales staff can perform an on site survey and find the BEST solution for your businesses ice needs. We’ll visit your location and go through a multi-point survey to ensure you get the best ice equipment solution in Ventura County
We’re right down the street and look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and your staff! AJAX will be here to support you every day of the year. AJAX has been providing top quality service in commercial refrigeration and ice machine sales, service and full service leasing since 1949! The only difference now is you now have a showroom to go to in Ventura County!

A sample situation of what can go wrong…

I’ve seen this play out a hundred times: here’s the scenario. Client: “I needed a new ice machine so I went online and bought one a warehouse/super discount/mega/restaurant supply company and I got a great price! I then had my plumber install it because he said he could do it no problem!”
Then comes the result: “Well, it appears that the unit malfunctioned because it was not installed properly (money now starting to flow away from client account as they have to pay for service work) and by the way the machine is not properly matched for the location (typical: exhaust air blowing against a wall two inches from exhaust air panel causing hot air to overheat machine and significantly reduce the unit’s ice production output). Our suggestion would be to replace this unit with one that properly matches your needs.”

Good bye initial savings. Back to the drawing board. But why? This is not necessary!

AJAX Refrigeration Full Service Ice Machine Leasing programs are here for you! We’ve been doing this since 1949! Let us show you how to save time and money in the long run and let us help you find the right solution the first time! We’re ready to help you today Ventura County!
The AJAX Refrigeration full service ice machine leasing program has been extremely successful in Santa Barbara County and now team AJAX wants to bring the same experience to our friends in Ventura County.

Here are some bad fit situations that ALWAYS cost clients a lot of money in the long run! Do any of these look familiar?

Airflow issues = intake/exhaust air blows in the wrong direction causing low ice production, short equipment life span, frequent service calls etc.

Wrong style ice = reduces customer satisfaction, staff frustrations, lower business rating, product quality reduction

Wrong style machine/doesn’t fit the space correctly = multiple issues that equal frustration on multiple levels (i.e. we should have gotten a modular cuber not an undercounter! or this space calls for a remoted unit with outdoor condenser)

Wrong size machine/too much ice = never get to the bottom of the bin so ice quality drops, unit takes up too much space, higher costs of larger unit to maintain and repair

Wrong size machine/not enough ice = this is the most common situation. When you finally have demand for iced drinks you run out of ice and are forced to go into ice procurement mode (bagged ice delivery, bagged ice store runs etc.)

Wrong brand = High frustration level due to lack of parts, tech. support and service providers

And the list goes on and on. Do any of these scenarios look familiar to you? Don’t fall into the trap of going for the lowest up front cost. Choosing the right ice machine, although it may seem trivial, can save YOU so much time, money and most importantly your sanity!
Be a great business owner today and find the best resources for your business. You don’t need to come up with all the answers on your own when it comes to commercial ice equipment in Ventura County, AJAX will do it for you! In the long run you will be happy because you won’t even be thinking about your ice machine, you will be thinking of what you should be: your business success and those things that inspire you.

AJAX Full Service Ice Machine Leasing is here for you. Call our experts today! Let’s set up an appointment to meet at our showroom and/or your place of business.

Ventura County, AJAX is here now!

Showroom is currently on “By appointment” basis. Call now to set one up!

(805) 963-1322

Ventura Phone # coming soon!

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